A wardrobe that can be moved.

By attaching a special leather carry belt, you can move to any place you like.

Bring paulownia into the monotone world.

Utilize the high airtight processing and insect repellent and humidity control effects that are the advantages of the Japanese wardrobe. It incorporates a minimalist design that fits the modern lifestyle.

It is very effective even if it is small.

Fully equipped with two drawers. Paulownia with  "Jidai-yaki" process is harmonized with cowhide and aluminum in monotone.

Taking advantage of the lightness of the paulownia, it moves indoors smoothly.

One of the characteristics of paulownia is its lightweight due to its porous structure. In addition, Japanese wardrobe made of paulownia has excellent airtightness, insect- and mold-proofing effects, and is excellent in porous humidity control.

Clear logo set

Adopts a clear and bold type that fits modern kirim.