For those who are happy, bless them with something happy.

manima is a decoration panel for smartphones that expresses the Japanese paper technology and the glossy appearance of Nishikigoi, which is internationally recognized, with paper inlays. Rugged smartphones are also gorgeous at banquets. Add color to your special day outfit and let capture it in your photos!

What color do you celebrate today?

Easy to remove manima can be replaced and enjoyed at each event. Choosing colors while imagining the mood and atmosphere of the venue should be fun.

Instantaneous dress up.

It takes a long time to dress up a happy day. Maybe you don't care about your belongings? manima adopts the back seal so that it can be installed in an instant. If you align it with the camera, you can wear it naturally.

I want to decorate the shop gorgeously.

A gorgeous product is something you want to see and check inside. A transparent package that brings out the gorgeousness during the display of the store, giving off a happy aura.

Clear logo set

Adopts a clear and bold type that fits modern manima.