A glassware set that can be stacked and displayed.

MR.HATPOD is an Mr. wearing a hat. Its true shape is… a stylish glassware set that can be enjoyed as cool tableware such as cups, bowls, and small dishes.

Combine glass finishes.

Polish, facet, sandblast to harmonize the impression. Differences in finish result in differences in texture and feel and will enhance the comfort of tableware.

Set up the tabletop is also easy.

Color-coordinated vessels make it easy to coordinate the dining table. It is fun unique to the set.

Boxed in an easy-to-understand package.

An easy-to-understand package with silhouettes printed on simple cardboard. This makes it easier to image products during store display and warehouse management.

Clear logo set

Adopts a clear and bold type that fits modern MR.HATPOD.