In Japanese, Oiri means full capacity. For example, when the sumo wrestling hall (box) becomes full, it is said that a large bag is distributed to those involved as a thank-you note. When heading to the spectacular venue, the audience will dress up. As an etiquette, you may want to remove dust from your clothes or keep your smartphone screen clean. What if the expectation of going out and the tools for etiquette are linked?

The sponge packed in the box will keep you up. If you use it, the box will be empty, will buy it again like add more members. By putting one in your pocket, you can conveniently use it anywhere.

Full today as well.

When the box is full. People around the box and have a good time. The thought was made into a multi-sponge that integrates microfiber and sponge.

The structure plays two roles.

The function is different on the front and back, so if you take one out of the box and put it in your bag, it will be useful.

It can be used for the screen gently in red and for dust removal in white.

Take it out and wipe the screen. Turn it over and remove the dust from your clothes to keep it clean. It may also be used to remove stains in case of an emergency.

Keep box full.

Fill the box when it is low. It can be used for a long time with 12 pieces. Let's keep using Oiiri by using it steadily!

Bold logo set.

Adopts a clear and bold type that fits modern "OIRI" products.

Submitted work to "watote by Tokyu Hands"