Shining Bunny

Our world face to the huge disaster of "COVID-19". Then I thought about the world is facing.

Shining bunny, pray for the world. We have no rabbit foot. Just we are forced to face the global crisis. We can not escape now. But, Don't be afraid too much. This reality is confused. Every mood is very tired to the unstable information. If we can pass through the crisis, Bunnies can bring happiness. What is the madness? Just a question. The answer is “We could not notice what is the madness.”

Bunnies have huge ears what for catch well the sound around them. And sensitivity make them to scare. Like we do thing, they notice the crisis happening. Bunnies have rabbit foot. For highly jump up and escape from danger. We human have science as their rabbit foot.

One day we will escape from this crisis, When we got rabbit foot.