Purely expression transformed mirror-finished stainless plate into the water flowing. With the algorithmic process. It realized aesthetic water flowing from and expressed the character of new manufacturing process. It is not just form, it is a meaningful combination of its existence.

The Shine Realized by the Collaboration between Digital Technology & Craftsmenship

Floating water surfaces. WATER SCENERY MINAMO is a dish that expresses the glittering moment of smooth mirror-like surface of the water surfaces. Three types of ripple – Echo, Flow, and Shine— were manufactured by utilizing metal press processing and 3D print resin. This palm-sized dish with smooth water surfaces can cheer up your dining table.

Flickering of the Water Surfaces Glittering up Your Table Top

WATER SCENERY MINAMO will diffuse the surrounding light and present its beautiful presence where you put it. With the palm size of about 10 x 10 cm, they are perfect for colorful finger foods. No matter it's a daily occasion or a party, WATER SCENERY MINAMO will perform beautifully on any table tops.

A Gift That Makes Life Full of Colors

Three patterns of WATER SCENERY MINAMO— Echo, Flow, and Shine— at your choice (each 2,800 JPY, tax excluded). The packaging is a silver envelope that echoes the metallic color of the dish. It is a perfect gift for your special one with superior taste.

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